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Is XPEC still being sold?

I've been wanting to buy a jar of the unscented XPEC for quite some time and was waiting for Connaught Shaving to restock, as they had the best price. I just noticed it is no longer listed on their site and I can not locate a vendor that has any for sale. Does anyone know if this stuff is still being made?
Was said last year someone was in contact with the manufacturer and it would be available in January 2018 or soon there after. As we are slowly approaching 2019 with only a few vendors selling samples at this point it’s anyone’s guess. There was also speculation a reformulation would take place , personally I would like to see a few more scents available.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, more scents would be great. I'm not really a fan of the scented version... I find it unpleasant.


I’m not a fan
I would like to know too. I think XPEC unscented is (was?) one of the best creams out there. I too am not a fan of their Original scent.
Xpec is my best cream along with Acqua Di Parma , I however do not have any interest in chasing items and hoping for availability. If it’s available I’ll buy if not there are so many good creams to choose from. I just bought a tub of TOBs sandalwood , great stuff for the price point , classic , awesome scent.

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Boring and predictable
Construction delays at Lincoln Tunnel - so take the train to NYC to get to Pasteur's. I wonder how many remaining XPEC at Pasteur's...
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