Is this Parker Variant Razor ok?

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  1. Hi, i just bought a new Parker Variant razor from Amazon. I had heard a lot about the alignment issues with this one. So checked mine as soon as I got it. I am attaching some close up images of the same. Can any of you gents please verify whether this alignment should be acceptable or not?
    Please keep in mind that these are close ups. The misalignment is not that prominent when the blade is fully tightened in at setting 1.
    Look forward to your opinions.

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  2. So any comments guys? Have to decide whether to keep it or send it back. Was hoping for more insights from people more experienced than me and other Parker Variant owners.
  3. Looks fine to me but really we need to see pics with the top cap & blade loaded in order to check alignment.

    As to the razor, it is a very fine shaver indeed that many around love!
  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][/IMG]

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  5. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Its the uneven gap in the marked picture which looked odd to me. Don’t know how much difference it makes.

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  7. This is the blade exposure at setting 5. The maximum.

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  8. Blade edges look aligned to me which should provide a good shave on your desired setting. That part you circled is insignificant, what matters is if the blade is properly aligned for an even shave & it appears so to me. Try it out, it really is a fantastic shaver. My favorite setting is 3 with a GSB blade, so smooth!
  9. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I was just worried because I saw similar pictures on other threads above this same issue with the buyer sending the razor back. Also in all other pictures the portion I marked was symmetrical. Any Parker Variant owners care to chime in if their razors display this???

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  10. Raven Koenes

    Raven Koenes Contributor

    The blade alignment looks spot on. I wouldn't worry.
  11. Well...i am happy that its fine. Its just that I was extra apprehensive because I am in India and once I shave with it...there would be no returns. In fact it may be difficult even without using it as such items are in the non returnable category.

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  12. Just for my understanding, won’t the gap or blade exposure be more on one side?

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  13. The alignment notch marking looks a little off center which can give that allusion. Mine is dead center but that has no impact on the shave. Your alignment looks fine to me.
  14. +1! Good advice!! ‘The proof is in the pudding.’
  15. That won't make much difference and blade exposure on the top view looks quite even.
  16. A lot of the Progresses from the pre-2016 moulds had that uneven gap on the base.

    Sometimes it caused issues (such as one end of the razor sticking when adjusting), sometimes it was nothing.

    If the blades align straight and even, and it opens and closes consistently, it’s no problem. It won’t result in any long-term issues.
  17. Hello,

    the adjuster plate is connected to the head via a central tube, so it can have a slight play from left to right. Your pictures look like the adjuster plate is not "twisted", but is closer to one side of the head than to the other. It could be a fault or manufacturing tolerance, the blade looks to sit ok.
    I'd sending Parker the photos, just to make sure.

  18. It looks ok to me.
  19. nav


    Ummmm the blade bed is clearly misaligned! The blade will be off marginally but I would say enough to cause a problem even if the blade seems aligned to the naked eye.

    I had the same issue and sent it back!

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