is this brush too worn?

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    Is this brush too worn? Should I be looking at a new brush?

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  1. Wow, that’s worse than my Plisson. I guess it’s all about performance and whether or not you like it. But it seems like you got your money’s worth out of that one. You’d certainly be justified in spending some money on a new one, as if an excuse for a new brush is necessary.

    You could leave it as it is. Or maybe paint the bare part as a sort of wabi sabi kintsugi kind of thing. Or just refinish the whole thing. And a new knot of course.
  2. How does the brush lather?? If it works, then it is not too worn IMHO.

    (But you do deserve another brush or two!! :a14::a14:)
  3. It has patina. How old is it?
  4. I was thinking that if I am to keep it perhaps I would get a new handle. And my next question would have been where? But I think the general consensus is that I have gotten my money's worth. I bought it during the clearance sale and paid $30 for it.

    The brush lathers fine, but the knot is a bit out of shape. I do have another identical brush because I bought two at the time it was on sale.

    Where do you see the patina? The paint/finish on the wood has chipped off. I think I bought it around 2014 or 2015 when there was a clearance/closeout and someone had actually posted about the clearance here on B&B, which is how I found out about it. The original price was $60, the clearance price was $30. I was using a badger brush at the time (Vulfix travel brush) and I wasn't sure I'd like the synthetic. But once I got it, I found that it lathered so well that I went out and bought a second one.
  5. can you put a clear coat on top?
  6. I buy like 4 brushes a month (some months maybe more), so I am the wrong person to ask. Sorry!
  7. No skill :(

    Otherwise, I think I could have scraped off the remaining finish and refinished it.

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    You could have a go at refinishing the handle. You might surprise yourself with the outcome. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  9. Here are a couple of pictures compared it to a brand new one.

    I think it may be time to use the new one.

    Only bummer is that L'Occitane and Plisson no longer make brushes with this knot. But I can worry about that when the new one is broken or worn. I had one where the knot just fell out (which L'Occitane replaced for me), so I'm hoping that won't happen with the new one. If it does, I will be back here asking what to get next. :)

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  10. I like that idea. :thumbup1:
    Green masking tape around the knot, gold lacquer on the bare wood, then polyurethane top coat.

    Or you could "relic" it further, like they did to this perfectly good new guitar:
  11. I say nah, keep using it as-is. Keep going until the crown is completely worn off and only then replace it if it irritates you.

  12. I ended up tossing the old one and am now using my new one. Big difference in how the new brush feels.
  13. Don't toss it pif it to a restorer or someone learning to restore........
  14. Bummer. Normally I would have done so, but I thought it was too worn for that. Now it's been tossed last week, so no way to get it back.
  15. yeah there are plenty of people wanting to try their hand at restorations or modifications who probably would have loved it...... There are people who have actually been changing the opening size to be able to put diff size knots into brushes that they can't find the original size for anymore.
  16. ^ Will keep this in mind for next time and offer it up before discarding.

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