Is this an E-1 Schick?

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    This razor has a round spring but it slides over to open the razor. I thought all of the E-1s had flat springs. IMG_20190801_181618580.jpg IMG_20190801_181345191.jpg IMG_20190801_181309848.jpg
  1. Not according to Appleby's system, but hey that is a nice example of what seems an E-2 by the same measure
  2. pbrmhl

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    Yep, that’s a very pretty E2...
  3. Thank you I did not know that any of the E-2s slid open.
  4. I have one just like the one pictured and consider it an E2. One of the best all time in my opinion.
  5. pbrmhl

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    Agreed. My E2 is my favorite Schick, and I’ve got a bunch. I’d love to find an E1, but I’ve given up the hunt after years of searching...
  6. Yes, would love to find one myself, sir. I have a 1939 E3 in it's original box that I never use, but love.
  7. Ron R

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    I believe you have a E1 and it is in great shape and I had to convert my regular E2 to a E1, that is a rare E1 series. Schick had a habit of putting pieces from other model series or transition of models to put product out the factory door for sale. Your E1 is a rare hybrid possibly of model transtion to the new E2 series?
    @mata_66 made this great timeline reference.
    Have some great shaves!
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  8. The E1, as far as I know, had a flat spring. Photos courtesy of @Red Rider Schick Type E B.jpg Schick Type E c.jpg Schick Type E D.jpg Schick Type E.jpg
  9. SucKO

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    If anyone is interested, the e-bid buy place has at least 4 of the E1s up for sale. They are not identified as E1s, just early Schick razors. I have noticed you need to click on almost every E/G type and look at photos to determine if it is an E and if it is an E1. There are also some E2s there, and alot of E3s. Oh, and a few of the Canadian E/G mixed types. I was just on the site, looking to see if any E5s were around. For some strange reason I got it in my mind I need an E5.

    I have a nice E2, but I find the E Series too aggressive....

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