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Is this a Shavette?

I'm an experienced DE user, but know very little about straights. My wife's grandmother gave me the razor in the below picture. It's in the original box, and she thinks her father or grandfather used it (and she's pushing 80).

It's in the original box, which says:

Sextoblade Razor

Made by
Edward Weck & Co Inc
Brooklyn USA

The spine of the razor has similar markings, so I'm pretty sure this is the original box. I've found a little bit of info on the site about sextoblades, but I'm still unclear about several things.

So, now the questions:
1) What is it? Is this a shavette?
2) Can I get blades for it? If so, what would you recommend?
3) What's the other part for? Is this some sort of guard that goes over the blade and turns it into something like a safety razor?

Thanks for your help!

Ya, my mom used to keep one of those in with the hair clippers.
The extra piece is indeed a safety guard. She used that for trimming our necks and sideburns after giving us our kitchen haircuts.
Very cool find! I have been looking around (not to hard) for one of those straight guards. I found the Sextoblade very easy to use.