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Is this a Gillette Tech ?

I bought that razors on local flea market. After some cleaning and polishing it looks beatiful. I just wondering is this is a variation of gillette tech. Thanks for help.

Those are both variants of the Old Type, definitely not Techs.
Check the Mr-razor.com site, you should be able to narrow it down to specific models pretty quickly.
There is no open comb Tech - the guard was closed as one of four "improvements":lol: when the Tech came out in 1938.

Those are Gillette Old models - capable shavers:thumbup: - and the handle on the right is quite unusual.
The razor on the left is a run-of-the-mill ball-end Old Type. It doesn't look like it has the patent date inscription on the handle, which would mean that it's from after the original patent expired in 1921 and likely wouldn't have a serial number, either.

The razor on the right, though is a puzzle. I'd say that at the very least the handle isn't Gillette, and it's possible the whole razor is an Old Type clone from another manufacturer. I've never seen anything like that end piece on a Gillette, and the taper on the neck doesn't go as thin as a real Gillette's does.

Does the head of that razor have any markings?
Is the second razor possibly a Gillette Big Boy with a custom/aftermarket third piece(bottom/inner part of the handle)?

I'm confused, this is beyond me.
Awesome. After I posted I was wondering if the funny-ended razor disassembled at the base instead of at the head, which would account for the fatter neck. I think what you've got there is the cap and handle assembly from a post-1921 Single Ring that someone bodged a DIY replacement barrel for. There's no way that barrel is original, but it's pretty darned cool.
BTW, here are two examples of what you've got, minus the shop-class barrel of course. :tongue_sm

On the left in your original photo:

On the right in your original photo:
Well, mystery resolved. I thought that it is a very rare razor.:001_smile
Thank you all very much for help.
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