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Is there such a thing as a beaver-bristle brush?

I've been using a cheapo $5 brush I picked up 25 years ago at a drugstore in Eugene, Oregon, when I was in college. If my memory is correct, the box said it was made of beaver bristles.

Is this possible? My memory is nothing to rely on, but I don't think I'd have mis-read "boar bristle" as "beaver bristle".

The brand name is Ever-Ready, btw. Haven't been able to scrape up any useful info on it from searching the web.

Apparently the Himalayan (dark) beaver hair is a lot stiffer and straighter than it's frizzy western counterpart.
I should have thought about this question more before I posted it. I didn't see the humor potential!

Jim Thompson made a good point about beaver bristles not absorbing water. I'm not sure that these bristles do absorb the water. I have a badger brush on order and I'll be able to do a comparison when it arrives.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry, Jim
Sorry for bumping this one back up, but I was just curious as to how one went about grading beaver hair:lol:
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