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Is there anyone who drill out handle?

This is something you can likely do yourself if your're careful.

I'm not big on taking a risk of ruining the handle by steaming it. I mean most are some type of plastic that can and will melt. I've done that method with a Rubberset 400 but that's a metal brush that's not going to melt.

So I'm not sure if this is the right or wrong way to do it but I've done it several times and it's worked every time. The nicer the handle the more careful I need to be. After taping up the handle I've pulled the hair from an old brush several strands at a time with some needle nose pliers. Just grab the hairs and twist them with the pliers. Some of the glue plug may come out when doing this and sometimes it comes out entirely in a piece or two if it was loose to start with. As long as you take your time and don't expect to save the old knot you should be good. Once the hair is out I just clean the hole up with a Dremel as needed. Just go slow with the Dremel so that you don't damage the handle.

Once you get the old knot out just order a replacement and set it with silicone at the loft you think you'd like. Let it dry for 24 hours and test it out. If it's too scratchy or has too much backbone give the knot a pull and reset it a bit higher. Too floppy for your taste pull it and set it a bit lower. Once you find exactly where you like it then you can leave it set with silicone or pull it again and set it to that exact height using some 5 minute epoxy.
ive got a 28mm beehive with bad knot in it. I'd love to save the handle and put a Maggards black and white knot in it.
There is a video on youtube that shows how to remove the old knot using steam. The brush goes into a small bowl end down and the bowl then goes into a small pot with water in it, about 1 inch or so. You heat up the water until it boils and produces steam. After 5 min or so the knot will just pull right out. Use gloves when handling the hot brush to avoid injury. I tried this and it worked perfectly. If I need to go it again I will try a slightly different method, by holding the brush by the end and submerging the knot into boiling water which I suspect will work as well and perhaps faster. I worry about damage to the handle material but when I did it the handle was wood and all went well. If you have a way to produce a steam jet, like an espresso maker, I would try that first, just make sure to wear gloves. good luck.
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