Is there a single aftershave that will match my most used fragrances?

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    So I'm still very new to shave soaps and aftershaves and designer cologne. Below is a list of my favorite colognes. As a newbie I am using The Blades Grim smolder and have just acquired proraso's sandalwood soap. I need help matching if there isn't an aftershave that can somehow compliment these smells and the colognes listed below. All input is appreciated!!!

    Azzaro Wanted
    Gucci Guilty Black
    YSL Yves Saint Laurent
    Prada Luna Rossa
    Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu EDP
  1. I'm afraid I can't help pair your colognes with aftershaves, as I have not tried any of your colognes. I've read the description for each on Fragrantica and they sound amazing. Especially Valentino. I think I may have to try it very soon.

    Hopefully someone else can help.
  2. When I want my Cologne to be the main act, I will wear a mild splash or balm.

    Gillette Cool Wave is a great splash that goes with almost anything. It's a clean scent that fades fairly quickly.

    I wear Guilty Black as well, and I generally use Nivea Max Hydration balm with it, as it is a "fresh" scent that meshes well. Any Nivea balm is a great choice when you want decent performance without a loud scent.

    To be honest, I used to worry about it a lot more than I do these days. AV Ice Blue and Skin Bracer tend to go with pretty much anything along the lines of a "woody/spicy" cologne. They're great performers that fade within a few hours.
  3. Bhugo

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    Proraso green. Spectacular splash with very limited light longevity. 30 minutes max I’d say. My cologne standby. Lucky tiger splash is fleeting as well.
  4. +1

    I’d say even Red (which has a very fresh scent, but remains light).

    Any of these should match well with many frags.

    If you feel they are still too strong, you could easily decant and cut in witch hazel and/or isopropyl.
  5. I just tried AV Ice blue today and it works amazingly well with my most used cologne (Prada) because its designed to smell like an old barber shop. Im sitting in lovely fragrance bliss in my office right now, Will be checking out other suggestions soon. Thank you to all that have replied!!!
  6. If I don't want an AS to clash with cologne I'd use an AS with Essential oils rather than FOs as I find EOs tend to dissipate quicker. Captains Choice Lime and North both give a refreshing burst of EO but you can't really smell them after a little while. Same with Stirling's Lime and Stirling's Gin and Tonic.

    If you want an AS to go with YSL Rive Gauche then you can go with Fine American Blend, Razorock American Barber or Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements' CaD, all of which are based on Rive Guache.

    Em's place also has a great EO only witch hazel blend with menthol and peppermint EO which doesn't leave a strong fragrance.
  7. If I use a post shave product, it's a simple alum block, and/or Nivea Sensitive balm. They're neutrally scented, so you can top off with whatever scent you prefer, without fear of clashing.
  8. Easy. Speick.
  9. I use an unscented aftershave product when I am concerned about scents clashing. Barrister and Mann's unscented splash from the Latha line is what I usually go with.
  10. A light scented aftershave that fades very quickly is what I normally use. Lucky Tiger or Dorco aftershave are a light citrus that lasts about 2 minutes before the scent is gone. Another is Speick. The scent lasts a tad longer but is very airy and fades quickly. All provide a good face feel after the shave.

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