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Is there a good Menthol Balm out there?

So this morning I shaved with CO Bigelow menthol shave cream. First pass warm water second pass cold water, man talk about invigorating. Then I got to thinking there has got to be a shave balm that helps continue this great cooling sensation. Is Proraso one of those or does anyone have any recommendations?

To quote the great Jackie Childs "No one even knows what a balm does"
Myrsol Emulsion also contains menthol to give a nice cooling feel. There's also 444 Balm Gel which you mix in the palm of your hand with an aftershave splash to add a little menthol.
Not a balm per se, but I use Proraso Pre/Post cream as an aftershave quite a bit. Great menthol sensation and tremendous healing of any razor burn.
Lucky Tiger makes a couple of menthol aftershave creams. I have one lined up to try in the next couple of days.
Another great option is to mix some 444 with you favorite balm.
I love mixing 444 with splashes. Old Spice Whitewater and Adidas Dynamic Pulse were two off the shelf aftershaves that became much, much better with a little 444.

Clubman, on the other hand, was kinda weird with the menthol.
The Diana Sports Balsam is like Osage Rub in a balm form. Similar smell and very strong cooling.

In my den DSB and TSD 2X Iced Aftershave Milk are the coldest balms.
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