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Is there a BAD Gillette razor?

I just shaved with a Tech last night.
I tried the Tech when I started out with DE shaving.
It didn't give me as good a shave as the open comb razors I was trying out at the same time.
Even tried a SS from the 40's.
And it couldn't compete with the open combs.
Then my wife came home from a Salvation Army store with a Red Tip.
I was amazed at how good the Red tip shaved--BBS!
It was every bit as good as any open comb.
Well ,last night I tried the Tech again just for something different,
Well,,,,I got a great shave that was BBS!
Same blades as before ,but maybe better technique after gaining some experience since last time I tried the Tech.
So I was thinking,------Is there ANY Gillette razor that isn't capable of producing a BBS shave?
Or is (operator error )the only limiting factor keeping one from a great shave with a Gillette?
Out of all my Gillettes, my black handle SS never gives me good shaves. It's horrible.

Everything else is outstanding.
I wouldn't know about that razor.
The newest razor I use is a 1956 Red tip.
I will say--You are FAST on the reply button:thumbup1:
Is there ANY Gillette razor that isn't capable of producing a BBS shave?

I am still looking for a bad Gillette DE but I havent found it yet.

To quote Alex's sig, "it's all good"!
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I haven't found a bad Gillette yet, only razors with different aggressiveness. In that respect there is probably the perfect razor for everybody. You just have to find it or adapt to what you have. Everyone has a favorite.

No, the Gillette Krona. The very nonexistence of it renders it a terrible razor.

Gonna have to get the Knack, though.
I like some Gillette's better than others just like most B&B members. I can't think of one that I would call bad and I have tried a lot of them.
I really prefer "Good Girls Don't". :001_smile

More along the lines of the OP, I think that dealing with the plating on the gold gillette DE razors sucks. Also, the early split handle syndrome would have to qualify as a result of poor design.

Then there are the Techmatics...perhaps not bad razors, but not a big fan base, as far as I can tell.
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