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Is the Valet Auto Strop VC1 actually adjustable?

So, I've seen some say the Valet VC1 is adjustable with the lever on the back. I just got one and I can kinda see what they're talking about but at the same time if I "adjust" it, the blade is held more loosely and kinda wobbles up and down and I'm scared to try shaving with it like that. Will having it against my face stop it from moving, or do I need to just make sure the blade is secured tightly so it doesn't move?
Well, I had a bit of an odd idea to take a single edge blade I had already used up and snap it in half, cut off the blade edge and snip it down so I could slide it up under the blade while it's not all the way into the stops to prop it up. It works! It keeps the blade stable and increases the blade gap a good bit.
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