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Is the Safety Razor Fad Over?

On the issue of traditional wet shaving being too slow, remember that generations of men have completed their pre-work shave with a de before the introduction of cartridges. This morning in fact I have shaved with a Flare Tip Rocket in 5 minutes, here is how I shave quickly:

• Either skip the Pre-Shave or just throw cold water in your face, your objective is sas or ccs not bbs.

• Use a good quality synthetic brush, they dont need to be soaked, just quickly run under a cold tap plus they dry quickly.

• Face lathering is in my experience much faster than bowl lathering plus the lather doesn't need to be perfect, good enough is good enough.

•Shaving cream is faster to apply than hard soap, if you have to apply hard soap use one that lathers quickly, such as Mitchell's Wool Fat.

•either only use a single wtg pass or add a second xtg pass.

• for post shave just throw some cold water in your face, dry & apply your chosen balm, alum blocks are only to be used if you are cut.

Oh and as previously mentioned leave the blade in all week, or if you have to change blades than use a tto.
Exactly this!

I usually don’t rush, but I still complete my daily DE shave in 5 minutes. Maybe it’s an extra minute to rinse off the brush, but I could certainly use canned shaving cream and my hand for a lather like I did when I first moved over to DE shaves. I’ve been doing traditional wet shaving for 10 years now and still managed to catch the 5:07am train every day.

Unless you’re playing with the razor and soap, 5 minutes is all you need for a DFS.
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