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Is the Pre de Provence Bergamont and Thyme the same as the Shea Butter?

I think I remember seeing somewhere that the Bergamot and Thyme is a repackaged version of I would call the “original” Pre de Provence shea butter in the tin with a cream label and green lettering?
I asked them on IG and they told me that is the same, a rebrand only... But sometimes they just answer anything...

Yes, it seems so. PdP brought out another scent (#63) after the original. The new packaging has the same style tin as #63 with the waterproof labels. The "Bergamot & Thyme" name distinguishes this product from the #63. There is a whole range of products in the same line.
The #63 is my absolute favorite soap/balm/cologne combo with the shea butter not too far behind. I wanted to make sure the Bergamot and Thyme was something I wasn’t a new scent I was missing out on. Thanks!
Received my Bergamot and Thyme in the mail yesterday. It is a relabel of the “classic” PfP shaving products.

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