Is the Original Old Spice made in the EU the same as the India Rubicon version?

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    Gifts & Care sells the Original Old Spice Aftershave bottles but I have a feeling those are the ones made in the European Union. I'm not sure if they're made by Rubicon or by Proctor & Gamble but I'm wondering if anyone has any knowledge of the production and whether the scent is closer to the India Original OS or the US Classic stuff.
  1. Terrific idea for a post! Look forward to seeing the outcome.

    Unfortunately, I can't help. My experience is with US OS circa 1960-present (it has changed IMO) + the Indian (original) from WCS.
  2. I only know the "Made in EU" one, so I cannot help.
  3. It is far away from the us version.Lately us oldspice has landed in europe and i have smelled both.However i don't know if it similar to the indian version,but is closer to the to the vintage shulton cream and the shulton approved indian cream!
  4. I assume you mean that the European Old Spice is closer to the vintage Shulton brand. Now, what I would like to know is if there are two different countries manufacturing Original Old Spice in Europe. Gifts and Care seems to have one that's made in Germany, and others say there's also one made in the UK, both by Proctor and Gamble. That leaves open the question as to why, if they don't use Rubicon (manufacturer of India Original Old Spice) in Europe, P&G manufactures a different formula themselves overseas, but won't sell both the Original and the Classic in the US, or at least offer consumers the option to buy everything that's licensed everywhere via their online site. It's set up for an online store, but the site has not been finalized for retail. See what happens when you add an item to the cart. If you try to purchase, the option is grayed out:

    While you're there, check out the reviews for the aftershave (more like complaints). No matter how bad the review, it gets 5 stars! :laugh: No matter what site you look at, whether it's Walgreens, Drugstore, Walmart, etc., there's usually a bunch of comments asking what happened to the "old" Old Spice.
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  5. Well you are lucky!I happen to have both versions of old spice considered to be european because a friend of mine went to Leeds in Uk for bachelor studies.I said bring me back some old spice asl.He brought me some and the only difference was the red cap instead of white and the bottle that was 150 ml instead of 100.
    However i happen to like old spice sensitive a little more although i suspect is now discontinued...It was even closer to the original shulton formula.
    Btw if you find european old spice where the carton has a weird brown/grey stripe which says original and is 150 ml,grab one.I am 90% sure it is a little more intense than the latest bottle with the polygon logo!
    Hope these helped you...
  6. What do the European bottles have written on the back? Is one made in the UK and the other in Germany or do they say "made in the EU"? Are you referring to this box with the stripe down the side? I've seen that with the 100 ml and the 250 ml bottles. I wonder what that box signifies. Does it represent in which country it's manufactured? Is it just an older design?

  7. They all say waybridge UK as a manufacture country and yes i was talking for this box and bottle which apparently was only 150 ml in my country.It is an older design but i start thinking it is more intense than the current formulation.However the smell identical if i remember correct!
  8. European OS is much closer in scent to the original formula, and still comes in glass. As far as I know it's only made in Germany. My last bottle, a Christmas gift last year, is certainly made in Germany, but does list Weybridge as the U.K. address for P&G.
  9. Nothing like the original :thumbup:

  10. Most European aftershaves (even AXE) come in glass bottles, so I would not expect anything less from Old Spice.

    I never tried the Shulton OS, but I would be surprised when the EU version would be the same, with the ever changing EU regulations on fragrances (the EU commission loves dealing with such details ... maybe to distract from the real issues in Europe?)
  11. When I saw that photo, two tunes immediately came to mind (both would have been perfect if they were licensed for Old Spice commercials):

    Here's one:

    I'll never understand why they converted so many fragrances to plastic here in the US. How is the Axe aftershave in glass bottles? My local 99¢ store has them for about US $5.00. I was thinking of purchasing one or two. Even if the aftershave lasts a short time, the bottles are pretty nice and can be used for my various Pinaud Clubman aftershaves in the future.
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  12. 2nd tune that comes to mind when seeing that original Shulton bottle!

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  13. Jealous. I remember buying both in the old days when I started shaving. GREAT STUFF IMHO!

    Why P&G stopped making the soap and changed the AS is beyond my comprehension. :tongue_sm:tongue_sm
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  14. Added a NOS bottle of talc today thanks to generous seller, now the Trio is complete :a14:

  15. Isn't it amazing how so many cool products used to be available from Shulton in addition to limited edition novelty items during the holidays. It's as if the large conglomerates have no imagination in their marketing departments, and no desire to create special gift items for the holidays. One would think they would take advantage of the direct marketing that the internet allows with the ability to keep prices down, remove 3rd party distribution, and sell direct to their targeted consumers.
  16. +1. There is a terrific market for OS products that Proctor and Gamble is missing. Despite their purchase of AOS, they still do not understand the market IMHO!:tongue_sm:tongue_sm
  17. With you fellas all the way. I've emailed P&G (who license Rubicon) to ask why they just don't revert back to the classic Shulton formula. And also asked them to bring back Old Spice Burley, my favourite!
  18. I've also emailed P&G customer support and have gotten nowhere. You get responses from the "Old Spice Team" or something like that with such misinformation as "Old Spice Musk" is sold in the US. I responded with a link to the Old Spice site in India and pointed out that it's sold there in aftershave and shaving cream tube formats but nowhere is it distributed and sold by P&G in the USA. You can find it on Ebay from an supplier in India, but that has nothing to do with Proctor & Gamble here in the states.

    What you have to do is find alot of email addresses for top level Proctor & Gamble VP's of marketing and bcc a bunch of them.
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  19. Thanks for that info Shaveathon. Incidentally I bought OS Musk on eBay yesterday from an Indian seller. I've never tried Musk before, and hoping it's the next best thing (for me anyhow) to OS Burley.
    Time to prepare some emails to bombard P&G with!

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