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Is The Lady (blue) Gillette Any Good?

I'm currently using a superspeed with the red tipped handle. The shaves I'm getting have been great.

I was thinking of getting either a Gillette Lady (cause I think it looks cool) or a Fat Boy adjustable.

How would the shaves from these two compare to the red tipped?
I think Richard (coche_y_bondhu) uses them extensively. Perhaps he will chime in, or you can send him a PM.
Thanks for info.

How ironic. coche_y_bondhu is a Texan also.
I guess Texan's don't give a second thought to using a Lady's razor.:biggrin:
Hello Dino,

Yes, pardner, them there blue ladies' Gillettes sure are purty :)!

I like them for the long handle and I think they are very well balanced. Same weight as a long handle Merkur, but the head is different on the Gillette, more rounded. I like the way the Gillette shaves, more so than the Merkur. I also have a short handle Gillette, but the head on it is slightly different and the handle is too short for my big hands.

They all date from the mid-1960s. There is usually a blue one available on eBay. You can also find them here:



Plano TX
I just made a deal for a Blue Lady (get this) from another Texan!

If you do try it be sure to let us know how it performs.
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