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Is the handle of the Merkur 34C slippery?

I know people use alum blocks and styptic pens to counteract slipperiness, but it has always felt unsatisfactory to me. I would rather just have a handle that did not require it. So, how slippery is the handle of the Merkur 34C? I probably need to buy one.
Thank you, input is appreciated.
The 34c is easy to hold with the gnurling and relative thickness of the handle as well as the weight. Wet or dry, easy to hold and to control.
I have always found that my 34c offers good grip due to its well designed knurling. However as someone who shaves not only with safety razors, but also on occasion with Straight razors, I have the habbit of keeping my hands dry at all times during the shave by constant use of a good quality towel. That way I always have good grip on my razors.
No. But it is short.

The Merkur 38c has exactly the same head as the 34c, but a long barber pole.

I bet many friends of the 34c would love the 38c even more so. It's just less readily available, but shouldn't be hard to get either.
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