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Is Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood is good product?

Is Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood is good product?

I get it on http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0007MW2ZW/

Your link points to the cream version - Regardless, I find TOBS cream to be ok overall. Their sandalwood iteration is more on the cologne side (if that makes sense). In my opinion, there are much better choices out at or near the same price point such as Queen Charlotte and/or Proraso. Spending more will get you (IMO) the best sandalwood product - AOS.
I like it. It was my first shave cream. I had my very first DE shave with it. I got it and then started buying lots of soaps. So its still my only cream after getting a couple dozen soaps. But I like the lather and the scent, and use it once in a while. Proraso Red is a better sandalwood product in my opinion. But you can't lose with either one.
I have tried many sandalwood soaps and creams, every manufacturer has a slightly different scent complex.

I use the TOBS shave stick, and enjoy the quality of the lather, and the cent.

As someone stated above it is sandalwood plus more (I too find it to remind me of sandalwood and cologne)
I like it very much; more for the performance than the scent. It is by far one of the better creams I've tried. It lathers well in a bowl or on the face, is easy to make "slick" with a few drops of water on the brush, and - in my experience - brings out the best in any blade.

Recommend you give it a try.
I have the sandalwood cream and love it. for me, its perfect in all aspects, apart from maybe price...
Smell, lather, skin care. I only use others products to keep me interested.
TOB products are top notch IMO. I have the St. James cream and it's OUTSTANDING both in scent and cream lathering & performance. It's the only cream I use.
I have some Mr. Taylor's which is a good performing cream and I suspect all of them would act similarly; just pick a fragrance and go for it. They are one of the least expensive of the age old and generally respected British creams too (Cyril Salter comes to mind at about the same price).
Is Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood is good product?
Good is always highly subjective and shave soaps are no different. No one soap is best for everyone and for any soap you'll find those that like it and those that do not. If you haven't tried it then you would have to experience it to answer your question. It has been a while since I've used it myself. I recall being happy with the performance though I didn't care for the scent. Sandalwood's my favorite scent, I just didn't care for the TOBS version. I think it seemed to "powdery" for me and I prefer a straight sandalwood -- though I do like DRH's sandalwood. As always, YMMV.
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I actually had a tub of this when I first started wet shaving. I like the performance of it, the smell is acceptable BUT for me, I found it felt like it was burning when I lathered with it. I think one of the ingredients didn't agree with my skin and left it irritated.

I've relegated it to the 'bench' but I would certainly recommended it to others with less sensitive skin than mine.
I really like the scent of both the cream and the soap..both are in regular rotation for me. But like others here have mentioned the scent is sandalwood plus something..not just a pure sandalwood. Smells quite a bit different from AoS sandalwood.
It is my favorite Sandalwood cream/soap (with Captain'ls Choice a very close second). It performs very well for me. If you are unsure of how it might perform or smell I suggest checking out Maggard Razors on the interwebs and rchasing samples of several sandalwood creams and soaps.
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