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Is Tabasco overlooked these days?

In these modern times of a million different hot sauces, is good old Tabasco being overlooked?
Its not the hottest and it doesn't have a clever name, but it's a good solid hot sauce and has a very nice flavor that goes with everything.

I find that other sauces come and go, but Tabasco will always be there.
I just ran out of a bottle and Tabasco is on the list to pick up next time I shop. Tabasco has a unique and familiar flavor and it's my favorite hot sauce as well. Great post!
While I certainly enjoy the plethora of hot sauces available, If they all go away except for Tabasco varieties I'd still be a happy man.
I've always favored the vinegar based Tabasco.

It is a must have when I do avocado's on toast (mashed avocado with crumbled bacon and Tabasco over toast liberally spread with Mayo).

I grew up on this as my every day breakfast. My folks have a massive avocado tree in their back yard that produces hundreds of avocados a year (has fruit for about 9 months out of the year).

Not very appealing to look at but if you try it you will be in heaven.....

That avocado toast looks fantastic. Of course I'd probably put sriracha on it. But when I feel like something more vinegary I'd use Tabasco. Or tapatio. Ok you're right, too many choices.
I love trying some new hot auces but some are just ridiculously hot and really have no flavour. Tabasco is the old standby that will always remain a kitchen staple.
I not only keep Tabasco at the house, but 3 others for their distinctive flavors: Sriracha, Louisiana Hot Sauce (slightly different than Tabasco), and Cholula.

Every so often I'll substitute Crystal or Trappey's Red Devil for the Louisiana Hot Sauce, but the other 3 are constant companions.
This is humorous... I just thought the other day while slathering a pizza with sriracha... that I hadn't used tobasco in awhile. Turns out I was out. I mainly use tobasco on pizza, and fried pork chops. Louisiana hot sauce in jambalaya, and sriracha on everything else.
I have a cabinet FULL of hot sauces. (About 40 I think) I still use a lot of Tabasco because it's good, flavorful, not blindingly hot and it has that classic hot sauce flavor. The that makes it so much better than Texas Pete or Louisiana Sauce is the barrel aging I think.

If I had to get rid of all but 5 of my collection, Tabasco would be one of the keepers.
Along with
Franks Red Hot
El Yucataco green
Orange Krush (The most flavorful Habenaro based sauce I've found that's not completely incendiary.)
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I'm convinced my parents mixed Tabasco into my bottles when I was a baby. I've since branched out into many others, but I always have a bottle of the original (and maybe one or two of their other varieties) in my fridge. After eating so much of it for so long, I'm convinced it must be my blood type. I can eat things far and away hotter, and like them (my homemade-peach habanero salsa has actually caused a couple of GI bleeds in people who tried it), but I'll never forsake Tabasco.
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