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Is SR shaves are, on average, less irritating then Feather AC

Which blades do you use in Parker shavette? DE broken in half or proprietory SE? I've never used any shavette, may be one day I'll try Feather ACshavette to compare it with SR and SE razors with Feather blades.
Never liked Feather blades in the SS or DX handles. Never used one in any other type of gizmo though. Those blades irritate my skin, if I have to guess, I think there's too much flex, or something, up near the apex. Might be because of the grind, might just be from how the blade is made, coatings, apex condition, whatever - I dunno. I can tell you for sure that they irritate my skin, all of them. Even the ones with wire wrapped around the edge. Straight razors that I hone myself do not irritate my skin. I find my straight shaves to be closer than I can get with other types of hardware. After a certain point though, once the shave is 'close enough' I am good to go. I don't always need, or want, a 20-22 hr shave.
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