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Is Oneblade struggling ?

let us know what you think of it? i was just recently the recipient of a Pif'd core and i like it.. im curious about the brush though because i am in need of a new brush myself so im trying to get an idea of what i want to get.
If I'm fortunate enough to get it I will gladly post my thoughts , I personally love and only use synthetic brushes !
I just spent a week on vacation with the OneBlade Core and have to say this is my new travel razor. It enables me to carry just the OneBlade and a tube of Cremo or other non-lathering cream with no need for a brush. Since I was typically rushed on this trip, two young kids at Disney will do that, I was able to get quick, mindless shaves that improved over the course of the week. I used each blade twice and possibly could have used a third time but I didn't want to push it. I was easily able to get DFS most of the time with one BBS during the week.

It's a shame OneBlade doesn't explore other blade manufacturers/options because I think they would then have a winner. Eventually I will take a stab at using Gems but for now it goes back in the drawer until the next trip.