Is my Tom Ford Oud Wood fake?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by cgr86, Feb 25, 2019.

    i bought it off of fragrancenet and it looks like the label is off center . Is it fake? Is there a serial number look up site ?
  1. First of all I want to say that I hate the fact that people have to be so diligent on purchasing frags that being worried about fake frags are a real concern. Now having said that Fragrancenet is totally legit. This is not to say that they may send frags out that were returns. I have read comments that people have received bottles that the sprayer was already charged as in previously sprayed. Anyway you should rest easy knowing your bottle is legit, IMO.
  2. You could always try the CheckFresh site.
  3. I tried to delete the thread after seeing some good things about fragrancenet , but I could not figure out how to.
  4. Enjoy the Oud Wood! It's a great one.
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    You would need to contact a Moderator if you wanted the thread deleted. Otherwise they could lock it for you to stop more comments.
  6. I've bought many items from Fragrancenet and all have been legit. You should be good.

    No need to delete the thread as it might help someone else out.
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    I have to say I've bought colognes from Fragrancenet for years and only twice have I had to return them. Once with a Creed Aventus as it was not like the bottle I had some leftover I had gotten at the Creed Boutique in NYC. It smelled a little rancid and had no sparkle or pop. Also lately they are selling sizes that are not offered on the Creed website. They are also marking some there fragrances way above the retail price so when you get the 25 or 30% Off its just about the same as buying it in a store or boutique. I was told that sometimes they get certain brands from the middle east and if those fragrances are exposed to very hot heat it could affect them dramatically. Some can be tampered with and Fragrancenet doesn't even know it. I talked to one of the owners once about the whole Creed issue and it was told to me that they would not know sometimes if they got a bad batch unless they heard it from customers and they were thankful I called. Tom Ford Oud wood is a favorite of mine especially in the cooler weather and if I were you I'd probably buy it from either Tom Ford website or a quality Dept store. I've gotten mine at Nordstrom in NYC and it was only $10 more than the one on FN with the discount and I know it's the real deal. Now I did get a Colonia by Thierry Mugler on FN for a much better price than at a dept store and that smelled exactly the same so I think it all depends on what brand and which fragrance. That's why I always suggest getting a sample of the real juice from either a store or boutique and then if you order a discounted cologne match it up and if it's way off send it back. BTW the 2nd time it happened to me It was with Amouage Jubilation XXV and that was way off to and even the box wasn't right so that went back.

    Good Luck but if the labels off it would send a red flag out to me. Send for a sample of the real juice and test it against what you bought and if it's not right FN is very good about refunding your money.

    If you really want to save money for me the best way to buy a very high end cologne is to get a couple of good friends besides yourself and buy a falcon or large decanter of it and then decant that by splitting it. Do the math for example on a 8.5 oz of Tom Ford Oud Wood is $605. A 3.4 oz is $320 and a 1.7 is $248. So even 2 people split a 8.5 oz size you'd each be paying $302.50 but each getting 4.2 oz! You'd spend even less out of pocket by splitting with 3 people which would mean each person lays out $201.60 each for 2.83 oz which is not a whole lot less than the $320 you'd lay out for 3.4 oz.

    Sorry guys I got carried away! LOL
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  8. I have seen this with TF before. I have oud wood and a few others. I think whoever makes the bottles occasionally doesn’t get that plaque style label quite centered. I would guess you’re good.

    Oud wood is great. I like better than my creed royal oud. Enjoy!

    @Dragonsbeard nice write up. Was that Nordstrom rack in Union Square?
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    Thanks and that was the Nordstrom at W 57th street.

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