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Is it wrong to use Ivory soap

I like things plain and simple. Ivory is like wonder bread. Does anyone know of a better option.
Ivory as a shaving soap? Can't image you would get very good lather.

You might look into Mike's Natural Soaps or Mystic Waters. Simple, pure and made by artisan vendors who are also B&B members. Terrific customer service, too.

I like things plain and simple. Ivory is like wonder bread. Does anyone know of a better option.
If the Ivory soap works for your shaving routine than that is all that really matters. However, variety is the spice of life. I know that there are better options like Mike's Natural Soap and Mystic Water Soap.

If you have tried other shave soaps or cream and prefer Ivory then by all means. If you have only used Ivory soap and have not tried any other type of shave soap or cream then yeah it would be wrong to use Ivory soap. Really it is only wrong if you think its wrong!

Mike H

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Ivory soap can be used as a shave soap and I found it similar to Williams. I like Tabac and Cella better, but Ivory works.
Mike's and Mystic Water both sell samples, would encourage you to try a few for very little $$$. Also, Stirling Soap has some great, affordable shave soaps (love their Almond Creme).
Give it a shot! Try a damp brush and really load a lot ivory on it. Then slowly add water to the tips. Share pictures on if this works.


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Want plain and simple? Try not shaving.

If you want to shave, use something good.
I'm sure you could use an electric razor too if you wanted to but why?

Lifes to short and part of the fun of wetshaving is using quality products.
i can't imagine using ivory soap but whatever gets you going is fine by me. it sure makes it easy to lather when on the road. there's always a bar of ivory at a national forest campsite. once i discovered better soaps i could hardly ever change. enjoy your shave


Yes you can use it, really you could use about any soap. I have resorted to Ivory when that was all I had to lather with but it gives a rough shave. Try it, you might like it but I'd suggest a quality shave soap. YMMV
I am about a month in now as a new shaver and I think that part of the experience is finding a soap or cream or whatever it is that works well for you, builds a good lather, and gives you a good shave. I am far from there yet and maybe too new to comment on this but I guess if Ivory does those things for you then use it, but I agree there are many other products out there so if you haven't tried any others I would at least give some a try. Just my humble opinion.
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