Is it just me (Polo Green R&D Issue)????

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    Ok my Fragrance Friends:
    Is it just me (I do have MS...have some slight issue holding things at times), or is there something wrong (R&D), with the 'sprayer' head (that fits atop of the 'base' of the bottle). [​IMG]

    With sprayers, I hold the bottle in my right hand using my 'first' digit to depress the spray head and dispense the product.

    You see...whenever I use it (and this ad been bottle after bottle [for years]
    ), the sprayer head inadvertently 'swivels - rotates' (and a little 'loose'), in another direction (thus discharging the product where not wanted and/or desired. :001_unsur


    However, the Classic Match Polo Green doesn't have this problem...ahhhh. [​IMG]

    Anybody experience this anomaly? Does it happen with the other Polo's?

    [​IMG] “I love a scent that can make memories come alive". Author Unknown
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  1. Bhugo

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    That is just rotten. I have many bottles of Polo Green. They are all vintage from Cosmair, but none seem to have that issue. You might transfer it to another bottle that can be had for reasonable prices from eBay. I have done that with vintage splash bottles of many fragrances. I just hate when a fragrance doesn’t spray correctly.
  2. my Polo Supreme Oud leaks a little when I spray it. but I'm not 100% convinced it's legit. the juice seems fine, but the bottle and cap are suspect. I need to get a legit sample of the "real thing" to be sure though.
  3. Bhugo

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    I had that problem with a few older spray bottles. Does it seem like the orifice might be partly clogged? I pulled the cap straight out and soaked it in hot water for a half hour. It has fixed most all of those issues.
  4. My polo green did this, I decanter into a different bottle.

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