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Is it just me, or our beards more popular now than ever?

I noticed the same phenomena here in France, particularly among the young males. IMHO this is related to the current trend of hipster culture, unfortunately with all due respect most of them are skinny dudes who lack of manliness.

if you can grow a beard like this, go for it:
Short side-parted hair and long exaggerated beards are in right now! I am also a handstand sweater designer and do a lot of fashion research online and have come across so many photos of mostly young models (but some older too) with this look! It was actually quite popular in the mid 1960's just before longer hair came into style so it's actually a retro look. If you want to go back about 100 years you'll find the same look in the nineteen-teens as well! So, I guess everything old is new again! I'm working on my long silver goatee now to go with my short side-parted hair!
I am seeing more facial hair too and was wondering like the OP is.

Some of the stars are sporting beards too. I think Hugh Jackman looks quite attractive that way in the X-Men series and all this is helping for it to be fashionable.

I once tried to grow facial hair, didn't work. One is don't have an even beard and bigger problem is I look plain funny sporting one. Besides I will miss all the joy I get from shaving.
Dear OP,

Sure, there has been a lot of talk of the peak beard hitting this year - or previous, if your avantgarde. I would say, that the peak beard has surely hit the 20-30's scene right about yesterday, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't grow one, if you're into it.

As for myself, I just continued growing my own, as one of my friends told me that it looks pretty decent.
I'll be that guy. I'm bald and I'm in the process of growing one of those big douchey beards. Normally I have a van dyke, but I've decided to let the rest of the beard come in. Much more Duck Dynasty than fashion mag style...but I dig it, and don't care if anyone else (besides the wife) doesn't.
Having had a beard continuously for over forty years I am usually blissfully unaware of trends in facial hair. As of late however, I've become aware of the hipster types and their beards. I guess if you want to look and dress like an 1890's newsboy with a beard, so be it.
My first thought when I see a guy like this is "wonder what he does for a living"?
This thread tempted me to try. I'm about a week in. My face itches so bad. I don't know if I can make it any longer.
You need to find a way to keep the skin hydrated. If you can find a product that works for you, then it's no big deal
I've been wearing a short beard for about a month now I guess. The itching lasted for about two weeks, now I'm good. Next time I clean shave and try to grow it out again though, I may try harder at finding things to moisturize my skin with and soften the beard hair.
I grew a full beard at 12 1/2 and started growing it again around this time last year.

Haven't looked back, though I wish there was a site like this for beards.
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