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Is Apple Care+ really worth it?

I’m getting to that point where it will be time to upgrade my iPhone 7 that I have had for over 4 years.

Apple offers Apple Care+ at different prices depending on the device. I have always declined this sort of thing in the past and was just wondering what most people think.

I would love to hear your feedback on this topic.

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I’ve had an iPhone since the very first in 2007. Never had Apple Care or any other phone insurance with any of them. Or any phone since even before time.

IMO some service plans (extended warranty) are worth it for peace of mind. But the majority are only available to get that extra buck out of your pocket. The people that sell them understand the overwhelming percentage of people that buy them will never use them and that’s what they prey on and depend on.

That said - I did buy the Apple Care when I got my iMac last year. A couple hundred extra bucks to cover a $3500 machine for 3 years was added peace of mind for me. And I already used it for a new keyboard so that was half the price of the Apple Care as it is. If you do get the Apple Care and need to use it the process is flawless and very quick.

Bottom line...don’t buy it just because you think you’ll break your phone or because the salesman talks you in to it. Chances are good you’ll never use it.

But it might be a small price to pay just for the peace of mind.
We have bought it for our iPads, iPhones & Mac computer. It paid for itself on two different iPhones as they replaced the iPhones. I feel it’s a peace of mind purchase. One never knows with electronics what can happen with them.


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I’ve bought AppleCare with every device and it has come in handy a couple of times. That included a broken screen on an iPad and non-functional power switch on a phone. In both cases, we simply walked into the Apple Store with the broken devices and walked out with brand new replacements with backup restored. Pricey, yes, but worth the peace of mind.
I buy it on iPads for my kids as they are rough on them. I don’t on my phone. It can come in handy and isn’t super expensive.
Here, in the UK you can separate phone insurance, not just the product offered at the store. Mrs. M and me have our phones covered by the house insurance, theft or damaged to body, internals or screen. It came as a perk, never used it though. Check any existing insurance policies you may have, or contact your broker for info, you never know.
AppleCare has been worth it for me. We bought our first iMac in 2009 with AppleCare and they helped me every time I had a question or issues with modems, back-up hard drives and even email and iPhoto. Our new iMac (purchased in Oct./2020) from Costco Canada came with AppleCare but I would have purchased it anyway. I am not a tech savvy person. YMMV
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