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Is anyone not happy with the Game Changer .84

I received my .84-P plate yesterday but arrived after I shaved last night with my SLOC. Will try it tonight.
I find the GC .84 to be a little more efficient than the NEW LC.

It also feels a little more aggressive, but not uncomfortably so.
I have 68 and 84. The first is good for every day, the second in a day or more. I will leave both of them, they are magnificent.

Thanks to everyone's informative posts, I've finally pulled the trigger on a GC .84-P with Barber Pole handle. It came back into stock today, so I thought I'd better buy it before it sold out again.

I also bought a RR Old Type OC with Bulldog handle. I'm thinking of using the GC and Old Type in combination, sort of like the way I use my current Slim Adjustable/Ball-End Tech combo (i.e. 2-3 passes with the Slim and a touchup pass with the Tech). We'll see how that goes.
I love my GC with the .68P & .84P plates. Both work well for my needs for every day use. The .84-P is just as smooth as the .68-P & gives a slightly closer shave. The only issue I've had with the .84-P is some neck irritation. But have only experience this issue once.
I had the 68, too mild for a tough beard, sold it. I will consider getting the 84, really like the razor, but 68 took 3-4 passes. Time waster, need more cutting.
I recently sold my GC 84. I just prefer the 84 OC a lot more. It somehow feels smoother and slightly more efficient to me and thats while feeling milder. It’s still an awesome razor though and a really good deal.

I had the 68, too mild for a tough beard, sold it. I will consider getting the 84, really like the razor, but 68 took 3-4 passes. Time waster, need more cutting.
I felt the same, the 68 was not efficient enough for me. The 84 is a significant step up imho.
The .84 was the first D.E. razor I purchased and while I liked it, I found it a bit aggressive. I purchased a .68 complete razor and traded the .84 top cap and base plate for a Mamba .53 that I'm still playing with. I like both of these and would guess there is a reasonable possibility that I'll grab another .84 baseplate at some point down the road when I have my technique dialed in, there's no question it was a substantially more efficient razor than the other two I now have, but it definitely gave me some irritation but I wonder how much of that was technique related.
I've had really good results with the GC 84 and Perma-Sharp blades - VERY smooth, and pretty darned efficient. I have a very coarse beard, and sensitive skin, so has been a struggle to find a combination that works...
I liked it but much prefered the .68. a lot smoother and more comfortable while still having enough efficiency. As far as mid aggressive razors. I find the tatara Masamune and colonial Silversmith to be superior the .84 in both smoothness and efficiency.
I have the .68 and .84 in SB, and the .84 OC and Jaws. Of all of them, I like the .84 SB best. I mostly pair it with KAI blades. That combo really hits the sweet spot of high hacking power with minimal irritation, for my skin.

While I love the .84 SB, as to the others, I enjoy having them and the .84 OC gets some use, but I could live w/o them if it came to that. .68 requires too many passes. The .84 OC and Jaws are significantly more aggressive than the SB and leave my skin feeling a bit raw during the day.

The .84 SB is my favorite razor & I can't think of any complaints, other than that blade loading is unconventional and a bit of a PITA.
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Good god no. I love my .84 CC for head shaving. I got one right out of the chute and love it. I bought a .84 OC and .84 JAWS when available. I pretty much only use the JAWS for head shaving now but truly love the closed comb when my nugget is feeling a little tender. I alternate between Feathers, Gillette Silver Blues, Rapira Platinum Luxes and Voskhods.

Tostig in the above post does have a legitimate gripe about the unconventional loading. I find it a little annoying too.
I have a .68 OC that I'm very happy with. I'm desperate to find the SB 84 or Jaws base plate alone, but they seem to be sold out absolutely everywhere. :sad: