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Is any difference between the Futur clones, Mingshi and qshave?

I am new for DE, and I afraid DE is hard for me. Thus, I would start with some cheap razors.
I already bought a Rimei razor, DE89 clone. And I am hesitating on buying a Qshave or Mingshi to start my route of adjustable razors.
BTW, I live in China mainland now, Mingshi 2000 is $3.5 and Qshave is around $10. I wanna know if there is any difference between them, in quality, design or something like that.

Thank you all.
I bought the QShave adjustable off Amazon and I'm pleased with it. Quality seems good. And the adjustable settings are properly arranged for good shaving. meaning that low settings are mild for me and high settings are definitely more aggressive.

I have heard that one of the Futur knockoffs has settings that are much higher than they should be and the razor is quite aggressive even at lower settings. I don't know if that is the Ming Shi or certain batches of other razors.

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As far as we know they all come from the same factory, different packaging and perhaps QC but razors appear identical.
I had Mingshi, Qshave, Riverlake and every version except Vigour and they are practically the same, Qshave and Mingshi had better QC, cleaner on the insides than other brands. Finally I settled on a Black Qshave with my name engraved for business travels. For the price, you have to try them at least once, if you don´t like them, you can resell them or they make a great gift.
If you get a good one with even blade gaps, you are the Lucky one. Mine is uneven & shims do not make it any better. Roll the Dice before ordering one.!
I think they come from the same factory but are not identical. One is heavier than the other for a start, or so I’ve heard. I’ve got both of them on my shelf but haven’t gotten round to trying them out yet.
There are some subtle differences between the MingShi and QShave products, or at least there were, most notably the handles are slightly different. The recessed (grip) area of the handles varies between the two, as well as the overall thickness of the handles are different. Unless you hold them side by side, you'd really never notice, but there is a difference, with I think the QShave being a slightly thinner handle.

I bought a MingShi, liked it, however the cap had some imperfections for nicks under the finish. Then bought a QShave, both were directly from China at under $8 each, once the seller of the MingShi refund part of the cost due to the blemishes. Surprisingly my MingShi shaves slightly better, probably due to the fact it aligns the blade better. - The QShave had be a little cranky with some blades getting the exposure & gap equal from edge to edge, the MingShi seems to have tighter tolerances....but that is most likely just my examples of them.
I have a qshave is a great razor mine has even blade exposure. It cuts hair really well. Well worth the price. I bought mine off amazon. I will one day perhaps after the clone breaks get a real futur. It is a great razor tried on setting 6 with gsb blade cut hair very very well. 1 pass removed 7 days of growth and majority of the hair.

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