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Is an upgrade really an upgrade?

I have a few Boker King Cutters that are in shaveable condition, I recently purchased a Dovo Silver Steel and have been really happy with that but I see a TI Limited Edition La Legende on sale and I wonder if I'd really notice a difference between the Dovo and the Ti.

yes there is a difference, especially with the grind between them both by the looks of things. I do have 5 TIs and only one Dovo.. so that tells you my preference, but then others will have a preference the other way.

Once you have a decent razor, either old or new, its not that one is better than the other, just down to personal preference really
As @Polarbeard said, I feel they are very different. Both are good razors, but I prefer my TI La Legende to my Dovo Carre, for both, shaving and stropping (well I much prefer scales on Dovo, but that's different issue).

It's lighter, more nimble, for me, just more intuitive and overall better shaver.
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