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Is aftershave REALLY necessary?

Is it? Because it costs money everytime I need to buy a bottle.

Or would rinsing off the lather with water be enough? Maybe use alum or something.
Aftershave is superfluous and may actually be detrimental (think of the drying effect of alcohol, think of allergies). Use it if you like it for its smell and/or if your skin feels dry after shaving (then use a balm, obviously).
Alum is fine, as long as it is rinsed off after a minute or so.
So short answer: nothing wrong with just water.

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Is it? Because it costs money everytime I need to buy a bottle.
I find the skin dries so a balm or moisturiser is preferable and need not be scented. I find Nivea balm readily available on supermarket shelves and it is not expensive for daily use. Look out for special deals on moisturiser to keep the cost down.
Weekends and social events I add an EDC or EDT but that is optional.
Proraso in the 400ml bottles is not expensive and will last a long time if you want to use an after shave lotion. There must be similar choices in Singapore; not necessarily Proraso.
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Alum is good remember to rinse it off. I do not use it. I find it drying. I like Thayers Witch Hazel with aloe Comes in a 16 oz bottle. Lasts a long time and a quality product.
I must have a good burn after a shave so an alcohol based aftershave is essential for me. I would not advise the use of alum without rinsing it off, although I personally never use alum because it closes the pores and...... reduces the burn. Just do what you like and what works for you, if you don't wish to use aftershave then don't use it. 👍
Why was aftershave invented? So you didn't get a septic infection and die.

So, I go by this simple rule. If I can drink the water I should be okay with just a balm. If I can't drink the water, which is most of the world, I'm using an alcohol based aftershave.

Everything has its purpose and reasoning. Knowing what that purpose and reasoning is the trick to life.
Totally unnecessary. I shaved from 15-33 without using it. My skin was no better or worse. But now? Totally addicted to it. It’s the best part of a shave to me. So i’d say if you don’t want to spend $ on it or don’t like it, just skip it.


A large percentage of my shaves have no post shave element. If I feel the urge, I might use either alum, aftershave lotion, balm, or EdT, but quite often that urge doesn't arise.
I've skipped applying any sort of product to my face after a DE shave and I thought it was a mistake. You can get aftershaves for cheap, and balms for cheap as well (nivea comes to mind). It can only help.

When I used to cartridge shave I never used an aftershave and I survived all of those years.
Before I discovered this site, and for years, I just used a regular supermarket/drug store facial moisturizer (effectively a balm), so "no." Dry-ish skin, dry climate.
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