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Most is mentioned.
Try adding a pre shave soap or cream.
Changing a soap (try no scent) can help if there is a perfume allergy component.

there is no shame in using an other razor (cart, Gillette guard) until your skin is healed.
i keep a oneblade core just for that injured reason in my den (but blade life sucks and no bbs, just quick and dirty).

Maybe someone knows the razor and can give details on that.

it takes patience and some bloody rags but you will get the feeling to do it right.
Play a long game: weeks rather than days, months rather than weeks, years....

My priority list:
  • Find a blade that works well for you.
  • Find the razor that works best with that blade.
  • Keep easing up on the pressure.
Rinse and repeat -- until you're happy with your shaves.
I get the hives when I don't shave, but it really pays off if I take breaks in between the shaves not to cause irritation. Make reservations, don't go for it everyday whenever you feel the itch.
  • I cannot use the sharpest blades,
  • I cannot use hot water,
  • I cannot use menthol or any other balsams or aftershaves.
  • I get alcohol allergy if I put on any sun exposed skin.
What I can do is use the mildest blade with no fancy coating, a good lather with proper hydration - it has to be dissolved in hot water not to have any skin irritants - and one more thing...
Before a shave I splash just 1 ml(1gram) of white vinegar on my face. It is an antiseptic and pulls the skin taut in order to give a closer shave(I sometimes shave the hairs with the pores and get razor rash) and the most important factor: before a shave it tells me whether the skin has had sufficient time to heal properly. It is milder than aftershaves, therefore it doesn't burn like alcohol does, it only burns bare skin. In contrast to an alum block, it erects the hairs instead of closing down the pores before a shave. It is a good facial indicator whether your face is ready.
One last thing, don't ever touch your face after a shave until it is dry. You might infect it unwittingly.
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