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Irritation from Tabac

I got my first order of Tabac, and used it for the first time this morning. I now see why everyone loves the lather. The only thing is, I have irritation and bumps on my neck now. This is the first time I've had a reaction to any soap. Any one else experience this with Tabac?
Tabac does leave my face redder than other soaps, but it doesn't itch, burn or leave bumps so I still use it occasionally. It it wasn't for a rash-like effect on one side of my face, it would be in my top 3. I love the scent.
Could you have a big brush and maybe underloaded it? I use to do that all the time where my lather was fine but I was just rubbing a dry brush on my face, vigorously as well.
I thought I was getting some mild irritation when my puck was brand new last October. I recently used Tabac for 13 shaves in a row over 12 days with no irritation at all. There may be some volatile oils or something that dissipate.
I get a very mild irritation when using TABAC. It's nothing that turns my skin red or anything, more like the irritation is felt on the surface of my skin. I think there's an ingredient(s) in TABAC which doesn't agree to my skin. I get the same mild irritation when using anything with a sandalwood fragrance, and also with high tallow content soaps.
I think blues man 7 is on to something, rather than just give up I waited until the bumps went away and tried it again without any issues. I have not used it more than I day in a row, but may try that next. I did have an issue with razor bumps when I started de shaving about a year ago, but nothing in the last 8 or 9 months. I just switched to soaps about three months ago, before that only creams. Now it is mostly soaps, but still working my way through the remaining creams.
thanks to everyone for the replies.
Same here; I used twice and Tabac gave me real burning red face. Pity, great lather. I wish it was fine with me...

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Tabac is highly scented. If your reaction wasn't too severe, you might try leaving the soap out uncovered for a few days before trying it again. Sometimes it helps evaporate some of the fragrance oils (and hopefully your significant other like your bathroom smelling like Tabac). If it works, continue to keep and store the soap uncovered for a while to continue the process.

Good luck.
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