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Iron Man 2

Iron Man was never a favourite comic, but it is definitely one of the best movie adaptations.

Xmen was my favourite growing up and one of the most disappointing to me in movie form

I applaud Jon Favreau and Robert Downey for making a great hero movie. I think they accomplished something very difficult. To make a movie entertaining to kids and adults, to both comic book geeks and non-geeks. We were told that Xmen had to *****-out to be mainstream. Favreau has proven that no, you don't have to.
I plan on waiting until it is available on netflix. I can't bring my self to spend $40 on any movie to take my wife and kids.

I have a nice 42" plasma tv and surround system at home. I find I enjoy movies more at home than fighting the crowds and sitting in cinimuck at the theater.
I'm headed out to see it Monday afternoon, I also magically decided to see it at the mall that has a L'Occitane in it. :biggrin1:
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