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Iron-Gall Inks


Moderator Emeritus
So I've been curious about these and was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with the breed. What extra maintenance would be recommended or are they best to avoid? I would rate my FP knowledge as barely adequate.


Cheaper than ink
Moderator Emeritus
I love iron gall inks and use them regularly. Usually they are blue black and darken as they dry. I have Lamy blue-black (older version, bottled), Montblanc, Rohrer & Klingner, and some Ecclesiastical Stationery Supplies registrar's ink I got from SmoovD. Diamine makes a good one (Registrar's). I've never had a problem even though I occasionally get a little sloppy on cleaning, (some have the same ink in them for months). They are not like old fashioned dip-pen inks and only contain a small percentage of iron gall yet are quite permanent and water resistant.

Often (in my experience) they tend toward the dry side and work well in pens with a normally juicy flow. Every fountain pen user owes it to him/herself to try at least one. Just follow good pen hygiene (routine flushing, don't let inks dry in the pen).


Moderator Emeritus
Thanks Doug, I was looking at the R&K and the ESS as they seem to retain more of the blue in reviews I've seen as well as some nice shading. I'm looking for a nice permanent Ink for hand written receipts that have a little personality while remaining business like.
Montblanc blue/black has good flow and nice shading, but only the bottled ink has iron gall.
Montblanc b/b ink cartridges do not contain iron gall, the color is not as permanent as the bottled ink.
Count me as another fan of i-g inks. My favorite, of those that have not been discontinued, is the ESSRI, followed closely by R&K's Scabiosa. This past week I received shipment from Belgium of a few bottles of some homemade i-g. As I have been out of town the past week, I will probably have to give it a go tomorrow.
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