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Irish Spring smelling AS

Does anyone make an aftershave that smells like Irish Spring? My wife is thinking I need something cleaner smelling than the Aqua Velva. Any clues appreciated.
Sung Homme for men cologne smells like Irish Spring, but the aftershaves are hard to find. Perhaps Coty's Preferred Stock aftershave formulation of their cologne.
Aqua Velva Ice Sport smells like Cool Water/Aspen. Hard to go wrong with that. I would suggest this before Preferred Stock. I have a few small sample bottles of the PS aftershave and it's good, but there's other muskiness in there that I think overpowers any soapiness you might get from it.
Gillette used to make an aftershave called Wild Rain, which was very green and bright with a hint of fruitiness. Not a dead ringer for Irish Spring but definitely complementary.

If you really want something that goes almost 100% perfectly with Irish Spring, it's Sung Homme aftershave. I have about half a bottle in my collection and it's nearly identical to vintage Irish Spring soap from the '80s and '90s, before the 2000s reformulation of their "Ulster" scent.
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