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Introduction Time

Hello everyone.

So I'm a n00b here with a few questions.

First my story. I currently shave with a Mach3 and shave every other day. My beard is such that I can go 2 days without shaving and still be presentable, as long as no one touches my face.

Also, even shaving every other day I have irritation. Anything from razor burn the day of, to tiny "pimples" that can last for days.

The closest shaves I get now, look smooth, but still feel "prickly"

I'm hoping that I can gain a shave that actually feels smooth, and doesn't leave my face feeling raw for days.

Budget is a concern for me. I'm not on a super low budget, but can't break the bank either. I'd like an adjustable, and first looked at the progress. But I figured it was ugly, and for a few more $$ I could get the Futur. So that's what I've been looking for primarily.

I'd also like a decent, but "value priced" badger brush. I can get Poraso cream localy for a song ($6 CAD).

So I guess I'm wondering if a futur is an alright razor to start with, brush recommendations, and is Poraso a decent cream to start with.

Another issue is my location. Being in Canada makes buying online hard as shipping is a killer. Anyone from Toronto here?

I'm also interested in buying some used or extra stuff from people (brush, cream, razor, etc.).


yo! if you want a gillette adjustable I can sell you one for $20 shipped, i've got some superspeeds for $13 or so also. i also offered you one, for free, in a PM. it won't be the greatest but it will get you started and let you try it out. i'll throw in some blades too.

for $35 crabtree & evelyn has a small best badger brush that's great for the price. it is scratchy and dense enough to use for soap and works well with creams also.

welcome! read the forums and ask lots of questions.

you can get a smooth, soft shave but it takes some work and patience. i can't get totally smooth yet but i'm working on it. i get great shaves for the time being. my beard is probably like yours.

i just shaved with a futur for the first time today. i wouldn't necessarily use it for a first razor, it's kind of intimidating and a little more agressive than the gillette counterparts.
Welcome Cam!
First, please be advised that there are as many opinions about which is the correct razor for a beginner as there are shavers using them. So much about DE razors is a personal thing that there is almost no right or wrong. I have a working collection of Merkurs, a 1958 Gillette Adjustable, and even an antique Schick Injector; I enjoy them all. Once you have mastered a particular razor and find your favorite blades for it, day to day becomes merely a case of falling in and out of love with that particular combination. All of that being said, I find the Futur to be an exceptionally fine adjustable and it is my favorite when I am using it!:001_smile

Added: And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it as a first razor. Use a styptic pencil for training wheels just as you would with any other razor!
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Welcome to B&B, Cam!

The Futur is my favorite razor, but if you suffer from irritation, it may not be a good first choice. The Progress, a Gillette, or even a Schick Injector may be a better (and cheaper) starting point for you. Good luck!

I will also throw in my recommendation for the C&E best badger brush. You could also check out Charles' selections of Savile Row's (SR series) at www.qedusa.com.
Cam, Welcome to B&B!!! :thumbup1: :thumbup1:

You'll find this place to be a wealth of knowledge and great guys. In answer to your question, as Ron said, opinions are like......well you know..

The basic thing I would tell you is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get into this, but rest assured you get what you pay for. There are a lot of ways to "get your face wet" without forfeiting your bank account. But be warned, a downward spiral on your funds is sure to happen if you bite the hook of wetshaving..You'll look back and say "I got into this to save money?" :tongue:

Remember, the key to a great shave compared to an okay shave is the prep work you put into it. Remember, if you want the best possible results with the least irritation, spend time prepping your face with hot water. Get the water as hot as you can stand and soak your face down. Wrap your face in piping hot towels. Get your face steaming hot and wet, at least 3-4 minutes in my estimation. Once you get it prepped properly, then you're ready to start cutting.

I would recommend for starters a Merkur Classic in terms of a Double Edged (DE) razor. I think you can get them from Classic Shaving for around $20-$25. Remember, no matter what razor you buy, just keep a sharp sharp blade on it. Some guys only get a few shaves out of the blades, other guys can stretch them into a week's use. Whatever your timeline is for blade life, change it often and make sure the blade you run across your face is as sharp as can be.

If financial considerations are a must, you can get a Burma Shave brush at Wal Mart for about $5.00. It is boars hair and it will get the job done. Couple that with some basic colgate shave soap and you've got the basic of setups for a little under $10 for the brush & soap. If you go to Target, you can buy a stoneware bowl for about $2.00 and you're on your way. I can guarantee whatever happens, you'll get a world better shave with that setup than you will with a M3 and edge gel. I would recommend at least buying a great english cream of your choice from one of the 3T's (Taylor of Old Bond Street, Trumpers or Truefitt and Hill). I'm not going to layout all the finer points of shaving prep and how to lather up your brush because it has been done many times over by people far more experienced than me on here. Joel has done a fabulous job with pictorials and videos. Also, check out the Badger & Blade DVD for sale. Invaluable information for newbies.

Obviously, this is the bare bones basic. If you like the results you get from the initial shave, then you can move on to purchasing nicer products to enhance the shave. But to get a feel for the wetshaving experience, you don't have to go out & buy an expensive Saville Row, Shavemac or Simpson brush and a Merkur Vision or Futur and all kinds of high end creams. But I will tell you that it will certainly make all the difference in the world. It's like riding in a Hyundai compared to a Rolls Royce.

Stick around & ask questions! Welcome to you.

You'll find this is a great place to hang out! I'll throw in a third recommendation for the Crabtree & Evelyn Best Badger brush. You might even post in the Selling/Trading forum for a used Gillette or Merkur. Jump in and make yourself at home!

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