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Introduction from a wet shaving newbie - EJ Best Badger PIF

Been lurking for quite some time, and finally decided to join this great community.

Im new to wet shaving, been using electric shaver and Mach 3/Fusion cartridge, and finally decided to get into wet shaving more seriously ... or should I say, more fun and enjoyable?

First month is a heck of a irritation, nicks, cuts, ingrown hair, razor burns here and there, but now Im able to get to much comfortable shaving without much problem, and I read that some people needs years to achieve a BBS, so I wont even dream it for now, but I can say I already can get a much more closer and cleaner shave compared to electric/cartridge already.

One thing that I notice here, is the generosity of the folks here, with a pass along, freebies, samples, PIF, which Im still not sure what PIF stands for, but I think I got the idea, so I would like to start my journey here with a EJ Best Badger from The Modern Man, pretty much new, havent even use it on my face, only destink and tried to lather it on a bowl to help in destink it, but I found it's too big for me.

For the PIF, I'll close it in a week from now, just say "IN", and I will use random generator to send it to whoever interested, CONUS ONLY.


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Welcome Seng!
Very generous. A PIF is to pay it forward. Your the second new member recently to basically start their B+B career with a PIF. Impressive. I hope you learn a lot here, and have some fun.
Not in.
Welcome, Not in but...

Hello and welcome. Great to have you here on B&B. Wander on over to the Hall of Fame and introduce yourself.

Not in, but starting with a PIF is most generous.
Thank you for the kind welcomes, yes, I already did learn quite a lot from B&B during my lurking weeks, and Im sure I will have a lot more to learn from here :)
Welcome @AveDeus and you truly embody the fine gentlemanly Spirit of The B&B with your Brush PIF.
I'm not in but I do congratulate you and the winner.

Our house is your house
Nuestra casa es su casa
Notre maision est votre maison
Taigh againn tha taigh agaibh
Welcome to Badger &Blade, Seng, and thanks for your awesome PIF! Your kind generosity embodies the spirit of B&B. :thumbup:
Not in...
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