Introducing the Brown Leaf 2016 LE Pipe

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Argonaut, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Argonaut

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    It is an honor and a privilege to be able to announce today the release of the latest in our Brown Leaf Limited Edition Pipe Series. (Waits for applause to die down). We have sourced the pipe from Paul Hubartt at Larrysson Pipes and I am sure that you will all agree that this offering is more than worthy of the B&B LE Title.

    Just 30 of these gorgeous pipes will be offered here for 1 month only


    This exclusive pipe design is known as "Treebark Rhody" and we are all looking forward to filling it for the first time.

    Pipe Details: Length: 5 1/2" Width: 2" Height: 1 3/4" Chamber V-Shaped: 13/16"


    Pricing: This gorgeous Limited Edition Pipe is on offer for $225.00 plus $15 shipping. This includes the pipe, a hand made Larrysson pipe bag, and a "Brothers of Briar" postcard with original artwork.

    The tamper will cost an additional $25.00 and you must make a $10.00 donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation HERE:

    But wait!...Even more good news!! If you would love to have a Brown Leaf LE but the pipe is out of reach, Paul has graciously committed to producing 50 tampers.

    You may purchase the tamper without the pipe for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping and a $10.00 donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Pipe: $225.00 + $15 shipping
    Tamper: $25 + $5 shipping + $10 donation to NBCF
    Pipe + Tamper: $250 + $15 shipping + $10 donation to NBCF

    ** The tamper will not be sold without a donation to the NBCF **


    Ordering Process:
    Purchasers will need to provide the following information to Paul at: [email protected]
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • What you are ordering - Pipe, Tamper or Both
    • If ordering the tamper you must forward a copy of the donation receipt to Paul
    • B&B username
    • PayPal account for payment
    ** Please do not submit payment until you hear from Paul that your order is confirmed. There are 30 pipes and 50 tampers available on a first come first serve basis.

    So there it is folks, the 2016 Brown Leaf Limited Edition Pipe! Who's in!
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  2. Argonaut

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    Many thanks to djh, Toothpick and everyone else that helped get this done!
  3. Good looking pipe! Almost makes me wish I smoked.
  4. Wow, that is beautiful. How fast do these things usually go?
  5. Dcaddo

    Dcaddo Moderator Emeritus

    Yes it is! I may start smoking just so I can buy one!
  6. Very nice! Thanks for making this happen Jason, and to everyone else at B&B who helped behind the scenes. Pipe and tamper are ordered!
  7. Argonaut

    Argonaut Moderator Emeritus

    Hard to say, depends on how long it takes for the degenerate collector crowd to spot it. We'll leave it open for a month, or until it sells out.
  8. August West

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  9. Price

    Price Moderator Emeritus

    Woot! Degenerate collector mode engaged...order placed!

    Yeoman's work put in by Jason on this one - that is one beautiful pipe.
  10. Obviously I need to place my order as soon as I get home, since the degenerate collectors are already showing up.
  11. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Contributor

    Stunning pipe
  12. That is a beauty.
  13. Shave_Rat

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    Absolutely awesome! Sadly, this degenerate collector is closing on my first house in 6 weeks, and I have to pass on this years due to the timing. :crying::crying:
  14. Price

    Price Moderator Emeritus

    Just got the following email:

    "Hi Price, thanks for your order. Your pipe will be number 2. I'll contact you again when it is time to pay.



    Giggity! :w00t:
  15. Nice, just sent in my order.
  16. Woot, now I'm all excitable like.


    Thank you for your order! Your pipe will be number 03. I'll contact you again when I'm ready to take payment.


  17. Is there a reason I can't see the pictures? I've tried from two different computers and even copied the link from the properties into my browser with no love.
  18. Price

    Price Moderator Emeritus


    It's a picture and a video. Can you not see either?
  19. Prof. Moriarty

    Prof. Moriarty Contributor

    Two pictures show up as broken. I see one picture, and one video.
  20. fordfather

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    Just sent em to you!

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