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Introducing New Products & Upgrades For June

I am pleased to announce that my website has been upgraded with new products and a bright new look. The photos are courtesy of photographer John Koontz. John has been seriously involved in photography for over 13 years. Gone are most all of my blurry and out-of-level photos; the new photos are also ‘clickable’ to a larger size if desired. Oh, if you don’t recognize him by John Koontz; he is better known cruising the forums as ‘LetterK’. A big “THANK YOU” to John!

“Shave Stick for Chicks” is new this month. Just in time for bikini season. My fragrant shave soap, enriched with Shea and Mango Butter is in a convenient watertight stick form. It is made by a woman specifically for a woman’s shaving needs. It is suitable for all shaving; legs, underarms and bikini area. It has been tested courtesy of members’ spouses and girlfriends from two Shaving Forums and received very high ratings. Buy one for her to try this summer season.

The previously mailed samples of SCS ‘Blend 2-11’ EDT was well received and is finally bottled and now on my website. ‘Sandalwood’ EDT is also available in my new packaging; 3.3 ounce, frosted glass atomizer bottles.

For the young-at-heart, this month’s “just for fun” summer fragrance is Orange Sorbet’. Zesty Orange tempered with the softness of vanilla is available until June 15th. The sizes offered are 3” & 2.5” cakes and in lieu of my filled wood bowls, I am offering filled, masculine stainless steel tubs, with friction lids. The price is the same as my wood bowls and also much less than those vendors who charge more for just an empty stainless bowl.

I want to thank everyone for their continued support of Saint Charles Shave and of myself. Have a fun filled summer!

The Orange Sorbet is one of one of the more subtle scents Sue offers. It's quite nice and I found it to shave just as well as the rest of her soaps.

Great working with you Sue!
Hey Sue,
Good to see you back. I ordered some of the Sandalwood EDT last night and can't wait to get it.
All of my photos are now up on the website. John (aka 'LetterK') did a great job! Now I realize how poor of quality mine were; now that they are gone. I worried the old photo of me going up the stairs would look too 1980's but I think the Shave Stick for Chicks label came out nice. :) Again many thanks to John for his help! So far Orange Sorbet' has been well received. I am happy with the Stainless Steel Bowl stock I purchased and would like feedback from you on the bowls. What do you think of them?

Have a great weekend!

Sue, the SS bowl is nice. The thing I like the best about it is that the lid doesn't fall off when accidently hitting it while rummaging through the 'ol shave den. Helps keep things nice and tidy.

Kyle, did you get your Sandalwood, yet? I put some on two days ago and my wife said, "Mmm...You smell nice."
It's not here yet, but I expect it any day now. I really like Sandalwood, but my wife LOVES it. This, of course, is why I'm getting it.:biggrin:
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