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Introducing my new "Old Type" with Questions

I just purchased this rather nice razor and have been researching it a little. It is what I've learned is a Gillette "old type". I have no case with this razor. It seems to be in rather nice shape but I am a little confused by the fact that it does not have a serial number embossed on the base plate. From whit I've gathered an old type would have a SN other than a short time in 1927-1928. The Improved version that replaced this did not have a SN but that is a different head entirely.

The plating is great! I did not notice any cracks in the handle fortunately until I looked through a magnifier. I do have a barely visible crack in the are above the knurling on the handle. The knurling is very "clean" yet other than a few small rubs that I see.

The head pieces seem to have a slightly different tint to them. They have more of a coppery look like rose gold. The bottom of the base plate is very clean like it has been coated with a clear finish. The handle and head all look like they have been just setting for a long time and have acquired a nice luster. The exception being the cap. It has a very thin film of corrosion that should wipe off if I think I might want to do that. There is only one small spot of verdigris on one of the pins.

I don't see a lot of dents or scratches on this one. The corners all seem quite sharp and the comb has no bent teeth.

It weighs in at around 53-54 gm. I haven't measure the thickness of the cap but I could if that would help

Based on what I see this may have been sitting in a case unused for a long time prior to me spotting it. The case material rotted but someone saved the razor.

I can't wait to slip a blade in it and give it a try. I hear they tend to be a little aggressive.

So what have I got here? Old type for sure but I'm curious what the thinking is on the date of manufacture.


I like this thread.

I have the exact same razor, except nickel plated,
no visible cracks in the handle.
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