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International TOBS Week

Here ye! Here ye! To all who shall hear these presents, I hereby declare this to be International TOBS week! I shall commence TOBS week with a superior shave from the use of Sandalwood scent. To follow will be Lavender, Eton College, St James, Avocado, and Coconut. All are invited to join in the festivities. In addition to the unrivaled shave cream, the use of TOBS products to include aftershave, cologne, bath soap, and hard shave soap shall be highly encouraged. Let all who join in this celebration of exceptional British shave cream present with a log of their TOBS related activities for the following week. Long live the Disciples of Taylor! :thumbup1:
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F you yanks, never lets the rest in on the action ;). Now make it international ^^. Anyway.... I'm going to use some Lavender, lemon/lime (or what it's called) and then some rose another day.
My TOBS rotations include bath bar, cream (some scents also have the soap), AS, and Cologne. I will participate in this week using Eton College, Jermyn St, and Sandalwood.
Forgive my gross and insensitive blunder to my shaving brethren overseas (and across our borders). Let this hereby be known as International TOBS week!
Can I play, even though I'm INTERNATIONAL and not just NATIONAL?

My shave today was:

St. James cream
Shaving Shop aftershave balm
Shaving Shop cologne
Shaving Shop aftershave splash
Feek- please refer to my last post regarding the change from National to International. :)
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Excellent - I did do a report post as well to get the title changed and now I'm even happier to participate :thumbup1:
TOBS Eton College This morning, It's the only cream i bought when i ordered my starter package, I love the stuff, reading all the rave reviews, it wont be my last TOBS.