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Intermediate hones advice

Slash McCoy

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Personally I don't like combo stones. YMMV

If funds are a problem you could fill in with a few sheets of film for cheap or even 1000 grit W/D, 2000 grit W/D, 3 micron film.

Enthusiasts should still be enthusiastic about their stones, maybe more so.
800 grit to 9μ film would be a nice jump. Then on to the 3μ and then the 12k or 1μ film.

I like the Naniwa Superstone 8k, but the 3k doesn't really give me the warm fuzzies. It loads up pretty quick. Like @bluesman 7 I don't like combo stones. Anyway the film will fill the gap cheaply and you might even decide you don't need the stones after all. Or wait and see what pops up on BST. Once your gap is filled with film, there is no hurry in filling it with rocks. You might also consider a nice coticule for the midrange. It is a good gateway drug into naturals.
How did you breake in the dmt 8k? I have a narrow one. I did not like the result i got, but i guess mine was not properly broken in.
Looking under manification, even after a well used 1200 dmt the bevel looks perfect. It is really tempting to use these.
I used it for a few knives because the reports at the time said they needed it... But I don't know that it did anything, maybe it did. DMT claims they are broken in when sold.
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Shapton HR 4k and 8k are also nice stones. My recommendation would be to get two good midrange stones and direct the rest of your budget to finishing stones.

4k is a great place to start when setting bevels on already shave-ready razors.
Thinking of either of the following progressions:

Option 1
- Naniwa 800
- Naniwa Combi 3k/8k
- Naniwa SS 12k

Option 2
- Naniwa Pro 1k (use the 800 for kitchen knives only)
- Naniwa Hayabusa 4k
- Naniwa Fuji 8k
- Naniwa SS 12k

Option 1 would be the more economical choice as I would have to buy only the Combi 3k/8k.

Option 2 seems to be recommended here, but more costly, unless I go straight from the 800 to the Hayabusa 4k.

Does it really matter which option I go with if I finish on the Naniwa SS 12k on either setup?
You get to the same place regardless of what you chose, option 2 is just a better experience.
A different option is to get the Naniwa Pro 3k, and spend a little more time on the 12k you have. You can always add an 8k stone later. The 3k Pro stone is a fantastic stone. If you like the 800, you will like the 3k even more. It might be a big jump to the 12. I have not tried it. The 3k pro cuts almost as fast as the 800 and gives a little polish. It is grate for knifes to.
Burrfection.com is selling a smaller version of the 3k and 800 as a set for less then the price of a full sized 3k.
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