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Interesting soap...

It's artisan soap from Serbia, I got it today. Name of the scent is Fidel, it is very pleasant and kind of a vintage scent. I haven't tried it yet, I will probably shave with it tomorrow afternoon. I'll keep you in touch with the impressions... So far it looks like a quality product...

Na-K-Tallovate, Na-K-Cocoate, Na-K-Shea butterate, Na-K-Stearate, silk, clay, glycerin, scented oil.

What do you people think?


Haven't shaved with one but currious to hear your impressions. NaK and 12M, I'm guessing it's on the soft side.
Have tried the soap. Very good performer. Much more thirsty than Arko, but gives very slick and ritch lather, R41 + Feather no irritation at all, and wonderfully treats the face after shaving, better than if I have used nivea skin cream.
Oh yes, it is. It's hand made artisan soap on a very affordable price. I will post some pics how well it lathers. I like it
It was cca 5$ I contacted the lady via facebook messenger, you can find her as Darinka Ilic - D.I. Prirodni Sapuni.
Just asked her, it contains tallow, that's why my face felt so good after the shave...
You are welcome!!! Cheers!!!
A large percentage of the artisan soapmakers are in the USA and Canada. It is good to see some showing up on the other side of the pond. There are some down under as well.
I’ve been wanting to try this out since hearing about it recently, my Serbian roots make me feel like I need some in my den!
Shaved again this morning with this soap + R41 + BIC Chrome Platinum. So far, so good... No irritation, no burns, no cuts, just clean shaven face... And again that nice and pleasant creamy feel on the face, I adore that tallow inside the soap. What I will need a few shaves to dial myself in is amount of water this soap needs. For start, it is easier to face lather and you instantly see (and feel) if you have enough water. It's definitely much thirstier than Arko. And it definitely does not dry the face as Arko does...

So far, I like the soap a lot!!!!!!
Haven't been shaving for four days and shaved today with Fatip piccolo + Bic Chrome Platinum (second shave) and of course the Dendi soap...

Two passes WTG was all it took... No irritation, no cuts, and surprisingly easy and comfortable shave. Face was again (still is) great conditioned with the tallow from the soap.

I think that I will not have this soap in my rotation, I will use only this soap :D

And of course, at least half of a praise goes to the Fatip. Four days growth is something I wouldn't dare to try to shave with R41 (which I also like a lot) since R41 is on the borderline of brutality with two days growth :D Fatip is such a great razor...
Have a tin of the Dendi Rose and it is a decent soap. Scent is something along the lines of Klar Kabinet but stronger. The texture is quite hard so the small tin should last a while.

Another shave soap from Syrbia is Vreto which is one i highly recommend checking out if you get the chance.