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Interesting observation

Its been a little over a month now and I am enjoying everything so far. I starts with Wilkinson Sword Blades and a Gillette Fatboy using VDH deluxe and Glycerin soaps, generic brush. I was getting a DFS every day, once my technique and lathering skills started to improve (long way to go still ). I decided to try different blades, and got a blade sampler from West Coast Shaving. I first tried the Bic blades. First shave was a disaster, with cuts, and it sounded like my whiskers were laughing at me. next day I increased the setting on the razor, while a little better I could still hear my face laughing to me. It was like I was shaving but the hairs refused to be cut. I thought maybe it was a dud blade, so I tried another one. Same awful results, with a sore red face, very little cutting (even though it sounded like it). decided that the Bic blades in this razor just didn't work. Today, i tried Red Personas (but didn't tell my beard). I could hear it mocking me during prep and Lathering. The beard started mocking until the razor hit the lather, then nothing but quiet as the blade sliced thru my stubble :):) back to DFS. my face feels wonderful again.

So my question to those that have been at this a while. Can the quality of your beard get "tougher" the more you shave?


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not that i'm aware of. but the quality of your blade can sure make it seem that way. i recently used Bic blades for the first time and could only do one pass and had to change the blade, they were horrible for me. as you use different blades you'll find that some shave you better than others.
there is something called the correct "blade n razor combo"..Personna works well with an SS razor..but not in a Merkur razor...Derby works well in a Gillette razor..but not in a Mergress razor..that sorta thing
Its been a little over a month now . . .I was getting a DFS every day . . . got a blade sampler . . . tried the Bic blades. First shave was a disaster . . . Today, i tried Red Personas . . . my face feels wonderful again.
That is exactly the best way to explore different blades!! You stayed with one razor/one blade with great results for at least a month, so you knew without a shadow of a doubt that the change in shave quality was the result of the Bic blade! Some guys have just swapped around blades, changed razors, soaps, and techniques without ever establishing a baseline . . . and they wonder what went wrong!!

As to the Bic blades . . . I've never tried them, but never did get a good shave from a Bic disposable, hence no desire to try them! Most blades work well in most razors, but some blades aren't worth a darn in some razors. I've hit upon very few total failure combinations, but they are out there, and of course, YMMV!
I agree with all of the above but the biggest factor is that you have also changed. Your techniques will be refining themselves slowly but surely. I look back at my first month and laugh. Only because I wouldn't put up with the blades I was using now or the lather consistency. You can't argue with results but you are evolving as well.
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