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Interesting how preferences change

I loved Voskhods. I’ve noticed that they get a wide variety of reviews, really high and really low. But they worked for me — especially with my single ring. Bought a hundred of them.

But then I started head shaving, and I wasn’t as much a fan. And I think that head shaving really helped me with my technique, I’m doing the “drag it across your skin without applying pressure” a lot better than I used to.

And I’m at the point now when I load up a Voskhod, I’m really unimpressed. Oh, it’s a serviceable shave, no blood, but not like a Feather or a Nacet (or that blade pack I found in the bottom of the drawer with no label. Sure wish I knew what it was)

Anyone else observed this?
Sure, as your skills improve, your perceptions of blades will change. In your case, when you started head-shaving, you completely changed the game.
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