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Interesting Find ... What is it?

I picked this up at a local antique store for a couple of bucks. It says Gillette on the tag but I can't find any markings on it anywhere. The handle is solid and heavy whereas the cap and head look to be a stamped tin possibly. Does anyone have any information on what this could be? Thanks!


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The head is likely from a European/German razor vending machine, and the handle may have been replaced by the previous user.
European vending machine safety razor - Wegian Wetshaving - https://wegianwetshaving.com/2018/03/european-vending-machine-safety-razor/
Thank you ERS4. That is exactly what this is. I had never seen one before and picked it up for $3.50. I cant believe it has any real worth other than the intrinsic value that is a remote history of DE razors. Thanks again.
As a member of the B&B, I understand your passion for shaving history.
I also bought some coins that couldn't be used for shopping and razors that weren't intended for shaving.

They also have no bonus to the average person, but are treasures to me.


Luckily it's still within my bride's tolerance.
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