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Interesting Ebay for you collectors

This seemed interesting - never seen anything like it. Looks like it uses a Gem style blade. Anybody familiar with this razor?
With The Grain said:
ive got a dehaven diplomat, which is that model or very similar, takes a blade that isnt made anymore. interesting razor in that it has a built in hone in the head
I have a "Shake Sharp" razor that has a built in hone. You shake the razor and the hone pivot in and out sharpening the blade. Though I don't know if it's the blade it was designed for a DE blade fit even though only one edge id exposed. It's actually a nice razorshave like a crose between a DE and an injector.
Alot of companies fell by the wayside trying to buck the DE standard blade. Gillette didn't help matters by changing the slot and hole pattern of their blades. It's funny but Merkur razor still use the 3 hole pattern (I know their blades use the standard modified pattern). Except for Gem and the Schick injector which were never a threat to Gillettes dominance. Gillette was more worried about the generic copys of their DE blade cutting (pardon the pun) into their profits.
Which is why in the modern era Gillette comes out with a new cartridge design every 10 years or sooner.
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