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Interested in using a DE razor for shaving legs. I have lots of questions!

Hi! I'm a woman looking into using a DE razor for my legs, I've been doing research and have decided I really want to give DE razors a try. I still have a few questions and mostly just looking for some recommendations from other ladies who use DE razors or any gentlemen whose wives/girlfriends who use DE.
First: What is a good razor you would recommend for shaving legs? Long handle, short handle?
Second: What blades? I realize that the hair on a man's face is different and that different razors might work better for leg shaving.
Third: Best brush brands? (I would like a Badger Brush.)
Fourth: Favorite creams and bowl?

I'm sure I will have more questions to ask. Thank you in advance!
Welcome Aboard. You won't have a problem getting lots of advice. Do you want a new razor or an old classic gillette. The old ones shave just as well as the new ones. Getting a great shave is all about you pre-shave and post shave prep.
Welcome to B&B.

Below is a link to the thread that I started about the DE setup I got my wife for Christmas. She loves it and has no plans on going back to disposables.

Also, here's a thread on the League of Leg Shavers. Lots of info here.

Here's a journal that Annie was posting in as she was trying out different stuff. More good info here, but she hasn't posted in a few months.
Look for a Lady Gillette Blue Star safety razor. Very well made with a long handle and a mild shaver. Beautiful with blue stars and handle.
Look for a Lady Gillette Blue Star safety razor. Very well made with a long handle and a mild shaver. Beautiful with blue stars and handle.

+1 That's what I picked up for my girlfriend:
$Lady Gillette.jpg

She had no problems changing over to a DE. She tried using a cartridge again a couple weeks ago and couldn't even finish one leg because of how uncomfortable it now felt.
I would like a new one to start with and after I get the hang of it and if I like it I would really like to get a Lady Gillette razor. Thanks. I will check out all the links.
For your other questions, the answers are going to be quite varied as these items depend a lot on the individual using the product.

I used Personna Lab Blue blades exclusively for the first couple months I was learning to DE shave. Since then I've branched out and found that I also like Astra SPs and Gillette Silver Blues. I'm sure there are a few people who like these blades and a few who dislike them. So you won't know until you try them yourself. I'm a fan of picking one brand of blade and sticking with it for at least a month while you're first learning what you're doing. It's very easy to attribute a bad shave to a blade when in reality the bad shave is due to poor technique or prep.

I restore and reknot vintage brush handles so I can't help with an off the shelf brush. Here's a link to the brush forum that should be able to help.

I mostly use shaving soaps, so the only cream I've tried is Taylor of Old Bond Street (TOBS). I really like its performance and it is very easy to lather. There are several vendors on this site who sell their products.
I got the wife started by shaving her legs myself, she loved it. I wound up getting her a lady Gillette blue starfire, like new, and she loves it. The long handle is nice for leg shaving. You could also try a schick Krona, it has a long(ish) handle. Get a blade sample pack and find your favorite.
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I will say from experience, as a swimmer, that leg hair is much much softer than facial hair. A gillette tech or a similarly mild razor is more than a match for leg hair. I haven't used a long handled razor like the blue star, but can see how it might be more convenient. You really don't need anything special for shaving legs, a mild razor and any decent soap or cream will work great.
I used a tech on the wife before the blue star and it was great, no cuts or weepers at all. She has black, coarse hair and it cut beautifully so a tech is excellent, just depends on the handle length you prefer.
I believe a Tech fat handle, or an adjustable like a Slim or Super Adjustable, are relatively long and supposedly easier to use while leg shaving. I have not tried this personally! I do like my triangular slot Tech with a fat handle as a very friendly yet effective razor. I do have a Slim on order from Krona Kruiser (replated in bright nickel, so a really good deal since plating usually costs about as much as I paid in total).
I have the ED DE89 and Merkur 34c (HD). I like the Merkur more than the EJ but they are both decent razors. They will not last a lifetime like the vintage brass Gillette razors or the modern Stainless Steel ones.

I will personally recommend the Weber razor with Classic handle. My wife used it once and loved it more than any of the ones you listed. It has a bit longer handle and a fantastic finish and weight. You wouldn't ever need to buy another razor as it will last your lifetime.
Cassie from Maggard Razors put a couple of videos on YouTube about how to shave your legs and underarms using a DE razor.
A Schick Krona could be a good option for Leg Shaving.

Look for a Lady Gillette Blue Star safety razor. Very well made with a long handle and a mild shaver. Beautiful with blue stars and handle.

Two shades of blue, and also a pink and gold(champagne) model. They are good razors. A gold model was actually my first double edge that started me on my wet shaving odessy, face shaving.
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