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Interested in trying some soap?

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So my wife and I own a soap company. We're not listed as vendors here so I am not going to try and put in a plug for it. For the past two years I've been developing our product line, and we're getting ready to open the doors on our factory. Before I do, I'd like some opinions from people who know soap. It's already a big hit with family and friends, but now I am looking for some strangers.

What you'll get if you're interested is some shave and/or bath soap and card explaining which it is, with a link to a website where you'll be required to fill out a survey about our soap.

So...anybody interested? The catch is, I just ordered some industrial sized equipment, soap takes several weeks to cure, so it will be several weeks before I'd be able to get any in the mail.
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Does anyone have a problem with me offering up free soap? It will be unbranded when you receive it. I'm not looking for sales, just feedback.
Alright cool. I didn't think it'd be a problem but if it is, someone can let me know.

We're up to 3! I'll take 7 more.
I got moved! I had put it in soaps so that people who are interested in soap would see it. Well that's ok. So far we're up to 5, counting the latest PM.
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