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Installed a "shave shelf"!

Now I can hold MORE shaving stuff on top of my small sink :thumbup:

I just got back to wet shaving after over a decade away -- boy it doesn't take long to crowd up the sink if you want to do it right!
Thanks gents :001_smile

While it was a little chore it FEELS like I have added a room to my house :biggrin1: Now I will have room for the Pinaud Bay Rum when I pick it up.
Looks great man! I already have a shelf that runs the width of our sink (shared with wife) and a small "trinket" type shelf that I have completely filled. I am waiting for the time and cash to build a roughly 2'x2' three tier shelf. Maybe even with notches built in for brushes/razors. Seeing others adding shelves makes me want to start on it even more. :biggrin1:
Looks great, Bill! In our old house I installed a glass shelf right above the sink. It worked really well.

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Sand Mountain Slim:

Great job. I can visualize multiple shelves all the way around your bathroom to hold all your acquisitions. :thumbup: Thanks for sharing.

I've got a tiny master bath, space is at a premium and shelves are indispensable. I hung an 18" shelf above the toilet and under a cabinet for my gear. When the wife saw it I caught the look in her eyes. She was eyeing it for some of her stuff. I put the ka-bosh on that right away. "This space is mine." I told her. My whole inventory of shaving gear takes up 2 shelves and a small drawer under the sink. She's pretty much got the rest of the bathroom.

The arrangement has worked out for 3 weeks now. However, I'm afraid to leave the bathroom...can someone send me a pizza and some diet coke? I'm getting hungry. :001_rolle


Nice job.

Bet it is a 'gateway shelf' - now you will keep building more and bigger shelves to support your wet shaving cravings. :thumbup1:
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